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We can help you protect your home from pests.


Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, protect your home with our preventative measures. Spend a fraction of the cost it would take to hire an exterminator and simply  DO IT YOURSELF.


We carry an array of professional quality ant control products consisting of granulars, gel baits, aerosols & concentrates. 

bed bugs

Instead of hiring an exterminator, which can be extremely expensive, come see us to learn how to use the same products, they do, and save. 


Whether it be moles, snakes, deer, squirrels or a variety of other unusual pests we have the means to keep them away.

german roaches

Leaving german roaches unattended can lead to serious infestation. Come by to pick up our solution and stop them in their tracks.

Fleas & ticks

Killing & controlling fleas & ticks is not an easy task. However, with our products, it is something homeowners can do on their own.


To ensure that roaches don't come in from outside, we have a multitude of concentrates to use for perimeter as well as crack & crevice treatments.

other products

what about general pest control?




Professional grade pest products


Can't stand these eight legged monstrosities? Although hard to kill, we have several concentrates that will do the trick. 


Rats and mice are notorious for carrying diseases. Come see all the different traps and baits we have for these critters.


Afraid of wood damage around your home? Let us show you how to protect against these invasive pests.

pet food

Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one.

soil testing

Balanced soil nutrients are important for overall lawn health, get your soil tested today.


We carry a variety of organic fertilizers, insecticides, and potting soils.


Here at DIY Pest & Lawn Products we have the best aerosol products available. Our aerosols will cover a plethora of pest, including ants, bed bugs, fleas, roaches and more. 


Some of our products are also available as a dust, allowing you to treat outlets, wall voids, attic areas, and other hard to reach spots. Dusts are a great addition to any preventative pest control.



 Instead of paying the "pros" a small fortune for pest control. You can purchase the same concentrates they are using and get multiple treatments out of one bottle (some bottles provide treatments for 2-10 years). 


We also carry a variety of baits for ants, crickets, fire ants, roaches and other insects.  These baits include gel, granular & powder applications.